Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills


The primary objective of any presentation is to influence the audience. We look at how we must prepare a presentation in order that we achieve our objective of influencing the said group. It is most necessary to know our audience and then to define the needs of the audience. A detailed assessment of their likes and dislikes while assessing their knowledge level about the subject being talked about is necessary. A contemplation on these matters alone will enable us to crystalise the following:

Presentation Skills

How you will benefit?

  • You will become a Confident Communicator
  • You will gain Power Public Speaking Skills
  • You Will be able To Face any KInd of Challenging Communication Situation


A) Communication & Public Speaking Public Speaking:

  • Developing Speeches & Presentations
  • Speech Delivery Techniques

Handling Stage Fright:

  • Understanding nature & causes of Stage Fright
  • Measures to prevent Stage Fright
  • Relaxation Techniques before the Speech.

Practical Training:

  • Developing the ability to handle difficult situations.
  • Avoiding verbosity and sticking to the issue
  • Maintaining poise in tone and body language.
  • Recitation of Speeches from World Famous Personalities

B) Voice Culture & Speaking Skills Theory content:

  • Basics of Voice - Tone, Pitch etc.
  • Importance of Breath, correct tone
  • Types of Voice, Common Speaking defects
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Poise & Body language

Exercises for Clarity in communication:

  • Pronunciation Techniques
  • Accent Neutalization techniques

Basic Voice Exercises:

  • Exercises for development of Power in voice.
  • Development of capacity & control in speech.

Advanced Voice Exercises:

  • Development of voice modulation.
  • Practice pieces from famous plays.

Who should attend?

Senior Management, Senior Managers, Heads of Department, Sales and Marketing Executives


Duration : One Full Day of Training
Date : 9th April, 2016
Time : 9 : 00 am to 6 : 00 pm
Venue : Nimble Centre, Nariman Point
Training Fee : Rs. 3,000/- + S.T. (Per Participant)
Package Includes :Courseware, Breakfast, Buffet Lunch, Tea Coffee.