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Team Building

Background and objectives

“The difference between near management and leadership is communication”- Sir Winston Churchill (Ex-PM of UK – 1940-45). The leader has to build a strong team for the define purpose/ purposes. In the business environment the manager as to do the same. In order to manager is effective he should have ability to communicate the people in manner that he take them along, understand them deal with their problems and osculation. It is only when the team has faith in the leader and rely in him/her that each member of the team is fully engaged. Besides all the team members must clearly understand their respective roles. Wherever assistance is required it for the leader to provide the same. Such a relationship between leader and the team member can be brought about through leaderships skills training which seek to inculcate the right qualities in Most team training courses focus on the mechanics of effective teams – problem solving, meeting skills, and decision-making. Although these skills are critical to team success, they ignore a major issue for all teams – how to interact with each other. To work together, team members must develop their interactive, communication, and interpersonal skills. This Training Program focuses on crucial interpersonal skills that team members must have if they are to function as a high performance work team.

How you will benefit

You will understand the final/deeper aspects of communication

Able to inspire you’re your team members and foster faith in your leadership

You will overcome the distance to change and will be able to deal any problem effectively wherever necessary

You will be able to team members and inspire to the necessity action.

You will have the ability to rally support wherever require.


Teamwork style-new

Small group exercises: Identifying teamwork style-news

Creating a Positive Team Environment

Video-taped role play exercise: practice, taping, feedback

Listening for Team Effectiveness

Techniques to overcome listening barriers

Small group exercises: Changing listening habits on the team

Dealing with Conflict and Criticism on the Team

Absorbing criticism

Clarifying criticism

A Problem Solving style-new

What is criticism

The Problem Solving style-new instead of Criticism

Who should Attend?

Senior managers and executives who need to develop the team building quality for better performance and/or for carrier growth.