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Finance for Managers

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The basics offinance need to be understood by all managers. This program describes essential financial definitions and equips Non-Financial Managers to talk to their colleagues in Finance Department in their own language. Whatever your expertise in the managerial set up, you jobs needs you to understand certain basics of Financial Management. This training program will enable the Non-financial Manager to read the Balance Sheet, understand the variables and study the Financial Report. Further it will enable the Manager to broadly understand the impact of various decisions on the profitability of the organization. Besides, it will also enable the manager to use time and effort more productively for improving the Company bottom line.


  • Gain thorough understanding of important Financial Concepts including finance and accounting vocabulary.
  • You will make better buy/lease decisions. This enables to take advantage of venders’ cash various schemes concessions.
  • You will effectively assess investment opportunities.
  • You will be able to make more profitable sales by understanding fixed vs variable costs.
  • You will know how to monitor operative results for achieving the organization’s long term financial goals
financial management

How you will benefit

  • Accounting essentials, book transactions, cash and accruals,Categorizing assets, liabilities and capital.
  • Understanding financial ratios use by analysts to access liquidity Assessing profitability, leverage and risk.
  • Learning about the Time value of Money
  • Preparing and using operational capital budgets.
  • Learning how financial markets value businesses
  • Doing a cost analysis and Profit planning

Who Should Attend

Senior Managers, General Managers, Company Vice Presidents, Directors and top executive in Sales; Marketing; Production and Manufacturing.