Interviewing people

Interviewing people


Whether a major part of your job or a one-time affair; interviewing candidates can be quite complex and arduous. Before each interview it is necessary to plan for such interview. The plan should include the objectives of each vacancy. The qualifications/skills sets required for each position need to be matched with the candidates being interviewed. It is a good idea to review the job description whenever there is need to recruit new candidates. Selecting and hiring a wrong candidate means a big loss of time and money. The interviewer must figure out all the people who need to be part of the interview panel. Before every panel interview, they must be a meeting of panelist before the interview to discuss and circulate questions. It is not necessary that each person will ask the nominated questions. This only avoids overlapping of questions. Questions to interviewees need to be addressed in a highly professional manner. A program has been designed to train the recruiters/selectors with the necessary techniques keeping in view the requirements of a professional interview,

How you will benefit?

  • Designing communication for inviting applications from candidates.
  • Understanding techniques for telephonic screening and other methods for short-listing applicants.
  • Jotting down relevant questions and revising them for anomalies (if any).
  • Honing and refining your skills as an interviewer.
  • Avoiding verbosity in framing questions while ensuring that they are clearly understood.
  • Understanding common interviewing mistakes and learning to avoid them.

Interviewing people


  • Recruitment trends and new challenges
  • Analyzing and defining the job specification.
  • Preparing a framework for the interview.
  • Keeping proper records for meeting legal and other obligations.
  • Developing an ability to conduct interaction with different people in a relax fashion
  • Putting in place evaluation criteria, contacting references and evaluating candidate credibility.

Who should Attend?

  • Company HR Managers, HR professionals engaged in hiring people.
  • HR Placement Consultants and Managers of HR Placement Consultancies.