Stress Management

stress management

Understanding The Stress

In today’s fast competitive world organisations often fix difficult targets for their executives. These may or may not be achievable. But the kind of stress that seemingly difficult tasks causes can be quite unbearable. Stress level also depends upon the attitude of the person concern. Office politics, inability to adjust with people, cultural differences, are all additional reasons for work related stress. We need to understand that while some amount of stress is desirable, too much stress is always bad. The inability to manage stress makes a person sick: such persons feel overwhelmed even under moderate stress conditions.

The objective of the program is to make participants understand stress and develop appropriate responses to difficult or uncomfortable situations. At the same time participants learn about positive aspects of stress that make you apply your mind and help you learn lessons of life from difficult situations.

You need to know how to do three things:
1. How to recognise stress in yourself and others
2. How to make stress work for you: not against you.
3. How to manage your mind, body and spirit, to deal with stress causers.

How you will benefit

  • By reducing your stress.
  • By understanding the causes of your stress at a particular time and taking measures to remove the same.
  • By becoming a mentally stronger person who consider that difficulties are a part of life.
  • How to face the challenges from different quarters.
  • managing stress


    • Simple relaxation exercises.
    • Problem analyzing and solving techniques.
    • Developing better Interpersonal Skills.
    • Understanding the reasons for your stress.
    • Understanding use of positive body language and maintaining your cool.
    • Developing the ability to speak clearly and modulate effectively.
    • Developing ability to make people talk and to listen agressively.
    • Stress busting tools and techniques

    You will also learn about how to manage stress in the context of:
    • Your psychology
    • Your physiology
    • Your environment

    Learn about additional solutions to stress management.
    • How to handle the stressor's that form a part of your work life.
    • How to handle your physical response during stressful times.
    • How to handle your emotional response during stressful times.

Who should Attend

    Senior Management Executives Professionals, Sales & Marketing Executives, and professionals at different levels facing work and performance related stress.